AT THE END OF THE DAY I BURST INTO FLAMES: Now Available for Pre-order

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The hardcover edition of AT THE END OF THE DAY I BURST INTO FLAMES is now available for pre-order via Rooster Republic Press. You can find it at this LINK. Or, simply send $36 through PayPal ( and include your preferred shipping address in the “notes” section! Books should begin shipping after February.

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AT THE END OF THE DAY I BURST INTO FLAMES: Reprint Incoming, Winter 2023

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AT THE END OF THE DAY I BURST INTO FLAMES was released in December of 2018. At the time, silly me, I held a lot of expectations for that book. However, and I will tell you this with naked honesty, that the book all but fucking DIED on release, which was more than a little devastating. I spent years working on that novella. That said, I have never stopped believing in the book, and it remains some of my best writing. AT THE END OF THE DAY I BURST INTO FLAMES is worthy of rediscovery, I think.

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Life During Pre-order: OCTOBER ANIMALS is now available via Rooster Republic Press (and via me, if you catch me at a show in 2023)


OCTOBER ANIMALS is finally here, just shy of three years since I first mentioned it, but around for even longer than that in the form of an idea I could not seem to shake. You can pre-order the limited-edition hardcover of OCTOBER ANIMALS via Rooster Republic Press at this LINK. As with previous Rooster/Strangehouse releases, OCTOBER ANIMALS is being offered at varying prices.

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OCTOBER ANIMALS has been a ride


What you’re seeing above is a very small glimpse of Daniele Serra’s beautiful work for OCTOBER ANIMALS. And, besides some snippets published online and in my newsletter (which you should subscribe to), this art makes the book finally feel… real. If that makes sense? I mean, I wrote the damned thing, you think it’d be real to me. But, you know, life has been rough. Continue reading “OCTOBER ANIMALS has been a ride”

Good Suffering Is Good And Good For You!

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The first official issue of Good Suffering is making its way to newsletter subscribers. It includes “Lupus Lingua,” my first completed short story since I finished GRIND YOUR BONES TO DUST, like, three or so years ago. I’ve mentioned it in the past, but being prolific has never been exactly my bag, and Good Suffering is a way for me to combat some serious fatigue and burnout. And, it seems to be working! I’ve got several short stories going, and all relatively close to completion.

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I’ll be at Scares That Care AuthorCon II; I’ve Gone and Done a Thing

Yes, after many years away from conventions and events of any kind, I will be appearing at AuthorCon in 2023. Looking into (really, truly) attending StokerCon in 2023, as well. After all, I will have a new novella (OCTOBER ANIMALS) out in the world. But that’s not all! It seems I have gone and done a thing! And now I am gonna talk about that thing.


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Now I am become out-of-print, the destroyer of sales

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Until very recently, I had several active titles in print. No longer. After some internal deliberation, I have reacquired the rights and interests in all my solo work. There may be a few copies floating around out there on various retail platforms, but the books are very much out of print. Every single title.

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Projects, projects, projects


Hard to believe it, but those are two pics of the same skull. Now, I have used resin in the past, but never on a project quite this big, and certainly not with pigment powders. But I quite like the marbled effect I managed to get out of my first time. And, hopefully, this is the first of many times.

Not having any manuscript acquisitions on my plate (from either Rooster/Strangehouse or Bizarro Pulp Press) gives me something I’ve been sorely lacking lately: time. I plan on spending a lot of time on personal projects, this year and next, and one of those projects is sculpture and mold making. I mean, I did just buy 4.5lbs of Monster Clay, and I fully intend on making something ghastly/gorgeous.

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I Signed Out of Twitter, Forever.

Weird couple weeks. Family member had emergency surgery (all good, no worries), so I traveled 4 hours away to help care for them. No computer access, really. On the plus side, without the computer, I was basically social-media free for almost two weeks.

I didn’t fucking miss it at all. After being off social media for a stretch, and breezing through various news stories, I had almost zero interest in returning to “internet life.” And that’s fine, because it’s mostly selfish terrorists doling out brain rot, 24/7.

Almost a year ago, I wrote an entry on this site titled “Being Inaccessible Is OK, Actually; And An Untitled Poem” and you can read that HERE. In that article I wrote:

“…being online is just depressing. People are depressing. Culture is disappointing. I try to, as much as it is possible to do so, exist outside whatever everyone else is doing. I’m happy with what I do. Validation is uninteresting to me.

I once noted that my ultimate goal was to become a ghost. What better way to do that than by fucking off and thriving on being left alone? I’ve taken one release out of print (Necrosaurus Rex) and you had better believe I am waiting patiently to run out the contract on the next book. When that happens, I’ll be having that taken out of print, too.

Anyway, I did sign out of Twitter. And, no, I won’t be signing back in. This site will remain, as will the newsletter (for now). These things will link to my Twitter account, but I will not be there. Good riddance, I say. Honestly, it’s not far removed from the liberation of dumping Facebook, so many years ago. Ultimately, all that shit is just a distraction from the work.

CHROMOPHOBIA is all but finished, at this point. We’ve taken a look at a proof of the print file, and we are making some interior adjustments. We’ll finish those over the next day or two. Then, it’ll be time to order physical proofs. Hardcovers are still shipping in July, as long as nothing too disruptive happens to supply chains in the next few months.

And, now that CHROMOPHOBIA is done, I can turn my attention back to OCTOBER ANIMALS. That novella will be finished soon enough, though some aspects of its production are still up in the air. It’ll be out this year, though, that’s for certain. OCTOBER ANIMALS is a weird book for weird kids. Here’s hoping you are a weird kid.

Once OCTOBER ANIMALS wraps, I am turning my attention to a trio of novels, and short fiction that will be a part of a newsletter-exclusive ‘zine. If that sounds like something of interest, here’s a link to sign up:

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