Now I am become out-of-print, the destroyer of sales

Man observes snow

Until very recently, I had several active titles in print. No longer. After some internal deliberation, I have reacquired the rights and interests in all my solo work. There may be a few copies floating around out there on various retail platforms, but the books are very much out of print. Every single title.

So, if you were interested in reading anything of mine, grab it if you find it, because I don’t know when any of this stuff will be back in print. Chalk it up to reinvention. And not of the marketing-gimmick variety, but in the way in which I need to re-acquaint myself with what I like about writing in the first place. The indie-publishing market isn’t going anywhere, after all, and what was once published can be reprinted in the future.

This weekend, I’m finally going to be printing a few short-story ‘zines, and offering those through my next newsletter. Honestly, this will probably be the only way to get new (and new-ish) stuff from me in the immediate future. I really like the idea of playing to a tight-knit audience, people who are honestly interested in what I am writing (and what I’m drawing/painting/sculpting).

And, if you think any of that sounds interesting, sign up for the newsletter!


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chromophobia social media jacket

And, here’s the front cover to the trade paperback edition:

chromophobia paperback 2

Pretty fun stuff. Happy with how these have turned out. And, excited to finally see these in people’s collections. Can’t wait to hear what people think of the book. Sara Tantlinger put a helluva lot of work into CHROMOPHOBIA.

Anway… I’ve rambled long enough.


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