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Nicholas Day is an award-nominated author who writes predominantly within the horror, science fiction, and crime genres.

Previous praise:

“Often horrific, relentlessly stark, and truly unforgettable.” Kirkus Review

“He writes like a man possessed.”-Cemetery Dance, Sadie Hartmann

“Nicholas Day is a fantastic writer, he’s a thrilling, poetic, gruesome and balls to the wall in-your-face craftsman of twisted horror and bizarro.” SCREAM magazine, Jonathan Reitan

“…rendered with a poet’s eloquent finesse and a madman’s ecstasy…a testament to the abilities of a master craftsman.”-InkHeist, Shane Douglas Keene

“…an author whose tremendous ability as a storyteller is only growing with every publication.”-This Is Horror, Thomas Joyce

“Day’s writing etches his stories onto your mind in angry, bleeding strokes.”Sci-Fi & Scary, Lilyn George

“Nicholas Day utilizes haunting, poetic prose between each vicious scene with impressive skill.”-Sara Tantlinger, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Devil’s Dreamland

“…will leave the reader hoping Nicholas will write a million more stories that are so packed with imagination and raw emotion…” –This Is Horror, Michelle Garza

“…more content and character than a thousand pages of your average book…amazing, something you have to experience to understand. “ Hellnotes, Tim Potter

“…weaves a compelling story around real characters who are surprisingly developed…” AICN Horror, Mr. Pasty

Currently, he co-owns Rooster Republic Press and Strangehouse Books with fellow writer Don Noble.

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