1. Now That We’re Alone

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Now That We’re Alone, 11 short stories from Nicholas Day, celebrating the weird, wicked, and wonderful monsters hiding in the dark, hiding behind their human masks.

Praise for Now That We’re Alone

“Often horrific, relentlessly stark, and truly unforgettable.” Kirkus Review

“Those who aren’t familiar with Day’s work will be seeking him out after reading this collection. Its one hundred and thirty one pages of genius that will leave the reader hoping Nicholas will write a million more stories that are so packed with imagination and raw emotion to entertain their brains.” -Michelle Garza, This Is Horror

2. Necrosaurus Rex

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Necrosaurus Rex tells the tale of Martin, a simple janitor, who takes an unfortunate trip through time, becomes a violent mutant, and the father of us all. There’s 14 billion years crushed inside these pages, and most of them are pretty nasty. This book is a jet black rumination on the concept of miracles and the creation of the universe, a narrative whose lineage exists somewhere between Moravagine, Maldoror, and David Copperfield. Genesis, the Crucifixion, and Revelations reimagined as a transgressive nightmare.

Praise for Necrosaurus Rex

“There is not a misplaced word in all of the book, everything is working together to tell this story. As long as a reader goes in with an open mind and a tolerance for the absolutely disgusting and the absolutely beautiful, Necrosaurus Rex delivers. With more content and character than a thousand pages of your average book author Nicholas Day has achieved something amazing, something you have to experience to understand. “ -Tim Potter, Hellnotes

“Nicholas Day is a fantastic writer, he’s a thrilling, poetic, gruesome and balls to the wall in-your-face craftsman of twisted horror and bizarro.” Jonathan Reitan, SCREAM magazine

“Instead of just spamming fatalities, or playing the gross-out game to elicit some kind of knee-jerk response, Day carefully weaves a compelling story around real characters who are surprisingly developed considering how short the book is.” -Mr. Pasty, AICN Horror

3. More Bizarro Than Bizarro

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More Bizarro Than Bizarro is an anthology from Bizarro Pulp Press, which features my short story “Elephants,” an ultra-weird homage to Flannery O’Connor.

Other authors included in this collection: Chris Kelso, Leza Cantoral, Emma “MP” Johnson, Adam Millard, Rhys Hughes, and many more…