A look at some WIPs, a bit about interviews, and assorted rambling…

Man observes snow
Me, watching an isolated snowfall, somewhere in Northern Nevada. Pic by Kevin L. Donihe (2016)


Cutting time between different short stories before I get back to finishing my novella and full-length novel. These will probably be the last of 2017’s short fiction, as I expect the longer manuscripts to eat up the rest of the year. For kicks, I thought I’d post a few excerpts.

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Free Flash: How Old Is A Shadow

“How Old Is A Shadow”

Tom’s nipples had bled right through his shirt. Embarrassment is why he now insisted on running before dawn and why he placed Band-Aids over his areolas. Vanity brought him to the man who ran in the shadows.

The men met before dawn, sharing darkness, running along the same path. The man claimed to have found a trick which lent him life everlasting. His tenor bordered desperate, yet vanity gilded his claim and Tom approached without breaking stride.


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Where I talk about the WIP

I took a break from updating this site because I was out of town and all over the country for a month. But now I’m home, catching up on administrative work for Rooster Republic, and trying to readjust to this time zone. I’m getting older, or maybe I was never that great with the time change in the first place. If I’m being honest, then I’d say I don’t really know. I don’t have empirical data to reference. But I digress, and I’m not interested in honesty, so I’ll blame age. I’ll blame my body.

Which is great! Because blaming my body works as a transition to the next paragraph.

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