What does one work on next? Everything, and all at once, apparently.


It’s been too long since my last post and so much has happened since then I am at a loss as to what to cover, first.

I’ll default to the writing.

Now That We’re Alone is still selling well and exceeding my expectations. The number of reviews on Amazon (currently at 18) have been steadily increasing, too, which is a nice surprise since it took my novella, Necrosaurus Rex, the better part of two years to get as many reviews as Now That We’re Alone has gotten in four months. Hopefully, that number keeps going up, even if it is at a snail’s pace.

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Where Am I Going, Where Have I Been?


 The fog of it all.

The nights are cold and the days are warm. And so it goes, in this desert climate, that sometimes the night is so cold and the day so warm that the area finds itself shrouded in heavy fog. Last week, we were treated to such an event, one with the added benefit of a light snow. To say a hike up in the hills was eerie is—perhaps—a bit of an understatement. From above, the basin looked as though I wandered the outskirts of Silent Hill.

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WIPs, Video Games, Podcasts That Contain My Voice, and One of the Nicest Reviews My Work Has Received…

What an incredibly busy week and change!

Like, no joke, October is looking to be the single most busy month of the whole year, and the whole year has already been really busy:

1. I’ve signed contracts for two short stories;

2. two other short stories have now gone live in their respective anthologies (“Capistrano Boulevard” is in Star-Fox and “Elephants” is in More Bizarro Than Bizarro);

3. I’ve dutifully submitted two other short stories;

4. I am gearing up to submit two more short stories, with a third following shortly after;

5. made a really nice breakthrough on my new novella and it has re-lit a fire under my ass to get it done. And the idea was such a “no duh” type of inspiration that it’s almost embarrassing in hindsight, as I should’ve figured it all out looooooong ago.

C’est la vie, right?

BUT . . . the craziest bit of news (number 6, if you’re counting) comes from the world of side projects, namely video game development. Last year, Rooster Republic (the indie press I co-own with Don Noble) started exploring the creation of media besides books. Initially, we were entertaining the idea of board games and card-based RPGs, though that early effort quickly evolved into video games.

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Classic Shit: Timecrimes (2007)

Timecrimes (2007) Dir. Nacho Vigalondo


Time travel has been done to death but when it works (and sometimes even when it doesn’t) the time-travel story can be a real blast. Back to the Future remains popular thirty-plus years on. The question “If you could go back in time. . .” must get asked daily on social media, or at least some variation. Hell, I’ve even written a time-travel story. My novella Necrosaurus Rex—when you boil it down—is an extreme example of paradox within time travel, albeit with more genital-devouring than your average take on the material, but still.

My point being that the time-travel narrative is one of those milestones every creative has in them. Even if the idea isn’t executed, it has been thought about at least once. It’s kind of like addressing onanism in non-genre literature. Everybody has at least one masturbation story in them, but not all of those stories are gonna be Portnoy’s Complaint.

Just like how not every time-travel story is going to be Primer.

Or Timecrimes.

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Classic Shit: Amer (2009)

Amer (2009) Dir. Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani

Maria Bos as Ana in a scene from Amer
(Credit: Courtesy of Olive Films)


Amer is a beautiful, meticulous and quite intriguing film that pays lip service to all the trappings of an Italian giallo while also aiming for something that rises beyond that particular genre. The film is directed by Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani. It was the duo’s first feature film, though they had been making short films together for the past decade.

This debut feature is a masterpiece of composition, and each shot is its own piece of art. You could put this movie in a frame and hang it in a gallery.

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