I’m in love with the Creepshow soundtrack

Okay, so I’ve been noodling away at this screenplay, and it’s a horror movie. Now, there are times when I have to write in complete silence, but holy cow do some tunes saddle up right nice to screenplay writing. For this project, I thought listening to John Carpenter scores would be the sure thing. However, I was wrong.

This flow has been achieved in no small part to John Harrison’s excellent work on the Creepshow score.

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Screenplays . . . and “how to” write them

I think every “How To” book–about writing, specifically–should be read with at least one slice of steaming hot skepticism. And most of them amount to “How I Did It” instead of being a real “How To,” anyway. You’ll notice some overlap if you leaf through enough of these types of books, but it usually amounts to stuff like:

Read lots of books, especially ones that are like what you want to write

Write often enough to actually finish a manuscript

Good Luck

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What can you finish in one week? One novella and one screenplay? It’s not as bad as it sounds . . .

The novella is super close to completion. I started the manuscript, last year, and I’ve been coming back to it off and on for the last several months when I could get a break from Rooster, et al.

It’s a “love” story, I guess you could say. A bit more about love than what you’d expect from something labeled as such. Oh, and the violence and sex is a bit more amped up. But that’s practically a life metaphor. Or it’s the residual effects of all the exploitation cinema and pulp novels I’ve consumed. Probably the latter.

The title is At The End of The Day I Burst Into Flames and the story concerns itself with the final, meandering thoughts of a man who is in the throes of spontaneous combustion. As good a time as any to re-examine the loves in one’s life.

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So You’ve Decided To Make A Movie. LOL. Good Luck With That!

Been off social media most of this year, mostly due to being far too busy. Social media is a huge distraction, so I elected to lay low and barrel through various projects:

A new novella (No contract . . . yet . . . but there is an interested party.)

A new collection of short stories

Proofing the half-dozen-and-change manuscripts for Rooster Republic’s 2018 releases

Creating a whole load of key art for book covers

But the thing that has begun to eat my every waking hour is a feature film that will shoot over a handful of days later this year. The project is a horror film, and though I don’t want to get into too much detail this early on, I can at least give you a hint as to what it may be about:

Vamp Collage

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