AT THE END OF THE DAY I BURST INTO FLAMES: Reprint Incoming, Winter 2023

At the End... thumbnail

AT THE END OF THE DAY I BURST INTO FLAMES was released in December of 2018. At the time, silly me, I held a lot of expectations for that book. However, and I will tell you this with naked honesty, that the book all but fucking DIED on release, which was more than a little devastating. I spent years working on that novella. That said, I have never stopped believing in the book, and it remains some of my best writing. AT THE END OF THE DAY I BURST INTO FLAMES is worthy of rediscovery, I think.

I re-acquired the rights to the novella in early 2022 from Journalstone. And, in 2023, new life will be given to AT THE END OF THE DAY I BURST INTO FLAMES via a re-release through Rooster Republic Press. There will be some amount of marketing to help give it an extra push, new art, a new introduction from Sara Tantlinger, and a new “Afterword” from me. If all goes to plan, I should have copies of the book in time for AuthorCon 2, in March.

Rooster Republic Press will have a very, very limited batch of hardcovers. Because this is a reprint, Rooster does not plan on printing many “Deluxe” hardcover editions or, for that matter, “Standard” hardcover editions. The final tally will be largely dependent on pre-orders, as only a few extra copies will be printed for convention appearances. The paperback will be available almost simultaneously to the release of the hardcover. Pricing and shipping and all that will go up at the Rooster website in January 2023.

Until then, hardcover pre-orders are still going for OCTOBER ANIMALS, and those pre-orders will remain open until the summer. There’s only one of the “Art” editions left (the “Pumpkin”), but still quite a few of the “Lettered” and “Numbered” editions. Production on the custom slipcases kicks off this month, and the printing of the hardcovers ought to be finished before the end of the year. The prototype slip turned out lovely, and the plan is to start shipping these hardcover editions in batches, as production wraps.


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