Good Suffering Is Good And Good For You!

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The first official issue of Good Suffering is making its way to newsletter subscribers. It includes “Lupus Lingua,” my first completed short story since I finished GRIND YOUR BONES TO DUST, like, three or so years ago. I’ve mentioned it in the past, but being prolific has never been exactly my bag, and Good Suffering is a way for me to combat some serious fatigue and burnout. And, it seems to be working! I’ve got several short stories going, and all relatively close to completion.

The next issue of Good Suffering will go out next month, and will feature a new short story titled “How About That” and I can’t wait to hear what people think of it. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of writing it. A warped little slice of Rural Weird, to be sure. Partly inspired by real events while also being a bit of a riff on Lovecraft’s THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH. Just, you know, swap out fishy fiends with porcupines.

As long as people keep subscribing to the newsletter, then I’ll keep offering Good Suffering and keep cooking up these weird, mean little stories.

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