I’ll be at Scares That Care AuthorCon II; I’ve Gone and Done a Thing

Yes, after many years away from conventions and events of any kind, I will be appearing at AuthorCon in 2023. Looking into (really, truly) attending StokerCon in 2023, as well. After all, I will have a new novella (OCTOBER ANIMALS) out in the world. But that’s not all! It seems I have gone and done a thing! And now I am gonna talk about that thing.


Good Suffering is a short-story ‘zine that I will be offering to newsletter subscribers. I have made a promotional ARC containing a reprint of my story “Jacks” and a lucky handful of readers will be getting these in the mail next week. I’ve tried to stick as close to the DIY ‘zine aesthetic as I can, while also offering something readable and reasonably attractive. Future issues will have a proper logo for the front and the back cover. And maybe interior art, on occasion? This is an experiment and I’m down for trying new things out from time to time!


Each issue will be 8″x3.5″ and retail for $3 (within the USA; checking international costs this weekend), and though I will occasionally reprint older stories, most issues will feature brand-new tales. The first real issue will feature “Lupus Lingua,” making that the first new short story of mine to appear in print in several years. And, I’ve got lots and lots of stories to share. Good Suffering has been percolating for quite a long time, now. I’ve only been waiting for the right moment to dig into the project, and right now seems to be that moment.

If you want a chance to read new stories by me well before anyone else, then consider signing up to my newsletter!


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