Running Around With My Head Cut Off

The newsletter seems to be doing well. However, I have never run a newsletter, or even attempted one, previously. Regardless, it’s doing what I need it to be doing, so I will go ahead and consider it a success.

In fact, I have gotten some very nice feedback, so far, of my non-fiction story, “Never The Ghost You Want” and I am starting to get… ideas. What kind of ideas, you ask? Why, including more short stories with future newsletters, for starters. Until last year, I was a very prolific short-story writer and I have a pretty deep back catolog. Plenty to share, that’s for sure!

Still, “Never The Ghost You Want” really seems to be resonating with readers. I would absolutely love to see it get a Stoker nom in the non-fiction category! And, truth be told, that’s exactly what I am gunning for. Methinks it wise to push this one as far as I can. If possible, I may try to arrange hosting the entire story on this very website. I’m excited to see what comes of all of it.

I will be publishing a newsletter in October (date TBD), and I definitely plan on including another short story. If you’d like to read something for free, then sign up! I’d love to have you and I promise to entertain you as best I can. Besides free stories, you’ll get first dibs on news, novels, art, and an inside look at the trials and tribulations of an author with, simultaneously, too much and too little time on his hands.

Success! You're on the list.

The next few weeks are going to be entirely too busy, for me. I’m loading a truck and bidding farewell to the little town I’ve called home for these last five years and change. This place has kept me busy, no doubt. Rooster Republic Press really took off since I’ve lived here. Almost every book I’ve had published was either compiled or written in the time I’ve lived in the high desert of Southern Oregon. But no longer! OCTOBER ANIMALS may have been started here, but it will be finished elsewhere, some 2000+ miles away.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t all ready exhausted. The last year or so has run me ragged, personally and professionally. I mean, it only took a single year to change me into something like a grizzled wizard.


Here’s to greener pastures! And to future haircuts! And shaving!


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