Trying to Get People to Give A Fuck, and Other Wastes of Time

Oh, soulless internet, you take so much but you give me occasional funny memes. What am I to do with you?

I can see a vast difference in Twitter’s algorithms since first joining a couple years ago. The feed is getting choked, the ads are marching in, and constant interaction all but dictates one’s own personal presence. And, look, I am almost always busy, so I don’t have a whole lot of time to fucking scroll through that mess and like and comment enough to boost my own hot garbage. The decision, then, is to dump my personal account. Besides, that Twitter shit is just depressing. People are depressing. I’ll stick to writing in solitude. Solitude suits me just fine.

I can’t say I give a damn what some future entity thinks about my “social media reach” even though I get why some people care. It’s because jokers have fooled themselves into thinking a personal page with thousands or so followers will translate to sales. Oh boy, oh wow. It definitely doesn’t. It might help move some stuff to dedicated followers, but guess what? You’d get those sales anyway, if the followers are indeed dedicated.

And I like to be a bit of a gas bag. 250 characters? Not enough, I say. Gimme thousands. I have no time for artificial scarcity. Break open the dam and let me tread water until I am fucking bored, thank you.

Anyway, I think it is inevitable, now. But, Don Noble and I will still be running the Rooster Republic/Strangehouse Books Twitter account. I’ll keep posting more and more to this site, which will link to my personal Twitter account for the time being.

Now, it is time to write and to paint and draw and read and forget about the internet. But feel free to share funny memes.

One thought on “Trying to Get People to Give A Fuck, and Other Wastes of Time

  1. I have no funny memes to share. But hey, I totally get the Twitter thing. What you say about it being depressing and no clear return on investment for all the time put in, I’ve heard that from other authors, too. I suspect the BEST promotion for an author is simply writing one fine book after another. (Simple yes, easy no.)

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