The opening to OCTOBER ANIMALS


Hello! It has been an awful long time since I last wrote anything here on the ol’ website. Let’s chalk it up to being busy, being massively depressed, and being generally fucking shocked by the state of things. BUT… it’s a new year and a new year means new projects. Mostly, I have been working on acquisitions and editing, with some production art thrown in for good measure. And, in my spare time, I have been plugging away at my upcoming novella.

So, without further ado, here is the opener to OCTOBER ANIMALS:

Risk existed in the collapsing space between lips just before a kiss and the banks of the Mississippi were a cemetery to all that the river no longer wanted. Fireworks exploded, violent rainbows that looked of the heavens but stank of sulfur, and crackling light reflected across black waters. The people of Alton gathered here, as did the great beast, unseen, who patrolled those waters. Here they gathered, but their ceremonies were not the same. And the beast was not greedy; only a few would be chosen.

OCTOBER ANIMALS follows four friends (Lizzie Bat, Owl, Spider, and Kat) who hatch a plan to rob their town’s pop-up Halloween store on the night of October 31st, but the scheme threatens to tear the friends apart, and they find themselves in the path of a monstrous local legend.

I’ve mentioned it previously, but this is going to be released, later in 2021, as a limited edition, illustrated hardcover. The hardcover will also contain two short-story reprints, “Chomp Chomp” and “Wake Up, Daddy.”

If you are interested in pre-ordering the hardcover, know that there will be two versions:

The standard edition will retail for $45

The signed edition (limited to 15 copies) will retail for $65

International shipping is additional.

If you want to secure a copy super early, you can purchase via PayPal:

Any questions can go to that same address or to my personal email:


In other news, NECROSAURUS REX is out of print. There’s a copy on Amazon for about one thousand dollars, if you’re out of your gourd and have some money to blow. I don’t have any plans, currently, to see it put back into print.

Work continues on THE BODY IS A MACHINE THAT MAKES GHOSTS. I won’t divulge much more about that title until after OCTOBER ANIMALS is out in the world, so… 2022? Yikes!

And that’s that. Just wanted to share a little bit of what I am working on.

Thanks for reading.


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