December, Tentatively…

“At the End of the Day I Burst into Flames burrowed into my heart with each page that I read and took shape as a beautiful monster. Nicholas Day paints worlds both wonderful and painful. He shows us another side of death and love where their roles are interchangeable and their story unforgettable. He’s one of my favorite wielders of words.” –Michelle Garza, coauthor of Mayan Blue, Those Who Follow and Kingdom of Teeth

My novella, At the End of the Day I Burst into Flames, comes out in December. Tentatively, of course, just like the article’s title alludes, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t hit sometime before Christmas.

“Existential poetry in the form of a horror story—I mean, a love story. At the End of the Day I Burst into Flames is like a having a smoke—killing you, intoxicating you, connecting you to just how quickly it all burns away. Beautiful, sad, on fire.” –Laura Lee Bahr, author of Haunt, Angel Meat, and Long-form Religious Porn

At the End of the Day I Burst Into Flames is a novella that I worked on over the course of several months, in 2017, and then finished in early 2018. Some of the book, though, has been around in one form or another for many years.

I’m going to be putting together an ARC soon enough. And I’m still waiting on a handful of blurbs. Besides that, I hope it finds an audience.

I think it will.


It’s mid-July. I’m chipping away at Grind Your Bones to Dust and waiting to hear back for any news regarding my recently-completed short-story collection. In the meantime, I’m making notes for the manuscripts I’ll start once the current one is finished.

And, while all of that is happening, I’m using the one-year anniversary of the publication of Now That We’re Alone to run a bit of a promo campaign. Reviews are now the great burden to authors, since so much of a career is now tied to Amazon. Getting reviews can be difficult for established writers, let alone someone, such as myself, who is just starting out.

I’ve been offering one-of-a-kind, black-and-white illustrations to readers who leave a review. This has been nice, as I’ve been slowly getting back into fine art, after more or less walking away from that talent for too long. Getting some extra attention for the book has been a great excuse to draw some really fun stuff. I was initially going to keep it to ten illustrations, but I may just keep doing it. If it becomes a hassle, then I’ll put on the breaks, but it’s a nice way of interacting with readers, an interaction that means more than responding to posts and making targeted adverts.

I’ve said it elsewhere: I’m not really a social media-type.

Please, enjoy this mock-up cover to my forthcoming book:



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