I’m in love with the Creepshow soundtrack

Okay, so I’ve been noodling away at this screenplay, and it’s a horror movie. Now, there are times when I have to write in complete silence, but holy cow do some tunes saddle up right nice to screenplay writing. For this project, I thought listening to John Carpenter scores would be the sure thing. However, I was wrong.

This flow has been achieved in no small part to John Harrison’s excellent work on the Creepshow score.

Tracks like “Something To Tide You Over” and “Father’s Day” have been pure inspiration. And, sure, I’ve sprinkled the occasional Carpenter track in there, but it’s almost exclusively bits from Halloween and The Fog. To be honest, I think I wasn’t connecting with some of Carpenter’s guitar-heavy themes. This film I am writing, I don’t think it’s very fond of the guitar. Seems to really dig synth, though.

And, hopefully, this week will see me getting closer to fleshing out some art for the film.

I started this a week and change ago, and I hope I have a finished piece well before the end of the month. This will become, eventually, the key art for our one-sheet. Lots of work to do, but I like the direction it is heading, so far.


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