What can you finish in one week? One novella and one screenplay? It’s not as bad as it sounds . . .

The novella is super close to completion. I started the manuscript, last year, and I’ve been coming back to it off and on for the last several months when I could get a break from Rooster, et al.

It’s a “love” story, I guess you could say. A bit more about love than what you’d expect from something labeled as such. Oh, and the violence and sex is a bit more amped up. But that’s practically a life metaphor. Or it’s the residual effects of all the exploitation cinema and pulp novels I’ve consumed. Probably the latter.

The title is At The End of The Day I Burst Into Flames and the story concerns itself with the final, meandering thoughts of a man who is in the throes of spontaneous combustion. As good a time as any to re-examine the loves in one’s life.

The narrative is non-linear, though I wrote large portions of it in chronological order, so there’s been quite a bit of rearranging while I commit my little self-edits. I’d compare it to owning a puzzle whose pieces can be assembled in two completely different ways.

As always, I only hope it finds an audience and that the work is enjoyed.

The screenplay is an altogether different story. It is nowhere close to completion, yet it is closer, I’d argue, than the novella. The structure is there, and the major beats are in place. Now, I simply begin filling the spaces in between. It’s barely halfway through the day and I am all ready several pages into the project. Place your bets on whether or not it’ll be done by the end of the coming weekend.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling lucky.

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