So You’ve Decided To Make A Movie. LOL. Good Luck With That!

Been off social media most of this year, mostly due to being far too busy. Social media is a huge distraction, so I elected to lay low and barrel through various projects:

A new novella (No contract . . . yet . . . but there is an interested party.)

A new collection of short stories

Proofing the half-dozen-and-change manuscripts for Rooster Republic’s 2018 releases

Creating a whole load of key art for book covers

But the thing that has begun to eat my every waking hour is a feature film that will shoot over a handful of days later this year. The project is a horror film, and though I don’t want to get into too much detail this early on, I can at least give you a hint as to what it may be about:

Vamp Collage

If you guessed vampires, then you are correct.

The feature is going to require most—if not all—of our collective time and because of that Don and I have elected to stay away from picking up any new manuscripts for the next year or so.

Movies—even those of “no-budget” to low-budget variety—COST A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY. And seeing a production through from beginning to end can take well over a year. I do not doubt that this project will be like that, especially as Don and I will be overseeing pre-production, production, and post.

I plan on writing quite a bit about the experience, and I’ll be doling out details about the film and the process of making a feature (specifically with an eye towards a feature meant for distribution) over the next several months.


Wish us luck . . .

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