Two More Illustrations by Luke Spooner for Now That We’re Alone

I’m going show off two of my favorite pieces that Luke Spooner crafted for my collection.

The first is for a story called “Spoiling,” a non-linear narrative about a witch named Mrs. Zmora, who very much wants to bring about Hell on Earth.07 spoiling

She is a vision right out of a nightmare, and Spooner did a great job of capturing her animalistic nature. Yet, despite her ragged clothing and ghastly face, she retains a bit of the regal, just like a dignified emissary from Hell ought to look.


The second illustration depicts a scene from “My Unshaped Form,” my “Golem-in-the-Wild-West” fable that’s homage to M.R. James and stories like “A Warning to the Curious” or “Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad.”

08 My unshaped form

Curiosity and cruelty can be a dangerous combination, much to the dismay of the main character in “My Unshaped Form.”


There are eleven such illustrations in Now That We’re Alone. The book, itself, is being readied as I write this. I expect it will be available very early in July.

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