Illustrations by Luke Spooner for Now That We’re Alone

Once a week, I plan on unveiling at least one selection of Luke Spooner’s interior art for my forthcoming collection of short stories. This particular image kicks off the collection, representing the only poem that I chose to include, “This Is Why Johnny Is In Therapy Now,” which also happens to be the first piece I’d ever had published.

Take a look at this beautiful image…

01 this is why johnny is in therapy
Illustration for “This Is Why Johnny Is In Therapy Now” by Luke Spooner


Growing up, I was always taken with the artwork in Stephen King’s novella Cycle of The Werewolf. When I began assembling my own collection of short stories, I knew that I wanted it to be similarly striking. There are eleven entries in Now That We’re Alone, and each one of them is accompanied by an original black and white illustration.

I consider myself lucky to be able to have collaborated with Luke. He does really great work, and he is in pretty high demand. That he agreed to work with my manuscript will surely be one of the highpoints of my year. If you like this piece, then I’d encourage you to stop by his site, Carrion House, and check out his other work.

This marks the first time I have collaborated with Luke and Carrion House on one of my own books. Although, we have worked together in the past through Rooster Republic and Strangehouse Books. Spooner executed cover art for Andrew J. Stone’s The Mortuary Monster, and contributed color and design work for an anthology (edited by the incomparable MP Johnson) titled Mondo Bizarro.

You can also find him on Facebook!

Mortuary Monster cover

Mondo Bizarro cover

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